The Van Is Back is a Honda Odyssey Commercial.

First shot: The Commercial Fades in and the blob becomes shaped like a Honda Van without wheels. The wheels then go under the Van shape.

Second shot: Pieces of wood cover the first shot. The Steam comes, but some steam form the white honda van shape.

Third shot: The pieces of wood rotate to the back to reveal a sponge with the Painty orange van shape. The code circle falls.

Fourth shot: Lots of plants make a shape of the van.

Fifth shot: Multicolor water moves and shows a Van Shape.

Sixth shot: Orange diamonds spin. The commercial name appears on the brown van shape. The diamonds go out.

Seventh shot: There is a Psychedelic van. It does go out.

Eight shot: A pink van like disco ball spins.

Ninth shot: The camera exits the van and the back window turns black. The van still zooms out and stops. The "The Odyssey" word and the Honda Logo fade in.

Tenth shot: They still keep the honda logo, but the Light Switch sound appears at the beginning. The Mushrooms are dancing, but the van is blue and is under the "Respect the van" text. The commercial fades out at the end.

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